About Us

The Transit Association of Guysborough serves the whole of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough County and the Town of Mulgrave. Our organization gives the people who live in one of Nova Scotia’s largest counties access to a much-needed local transit.

To improve the quality of life of residents by providing dependable, affordable and inclusive community-based transportation.

TAG has been in operation since October of 2021, but our history is older than that.

Consultations with residents about the potential for a Guysborough-based transit services began in 2019. We asked residents about how they envisioned the service and the cost they would be willing to pay.

From the information gathered from those consultations, TAG formed an executive board and worked closely with other Nova Scotia rural transit providers to develop a model for Guysborough County.

Built to best serve our residents, TAG was developed to help meet the needs of our rural residents, and to ensure that we have the same level of service in Guysborough as other parts of the province. It bolsters social inclusion and helps keep people living in their communities due to local transportation to necessary services.

The impact of rural transit on communities – keeping people in their own homes and giving them access to the services that they need – is cost effective in a multitude of ways.

TAG currently operates two vehicles: a Toyota Sienna hybrid and a Dodge Caravan adapted for accessibility.

Executive Director Julie Anne Fox Board Directors Catherine Hartling, Chair; Nancy O’Regan, Vice Chair; Donna Hochman, Director; Sabrina Skinner, Director; Liz MacIntosh, Director; Wanda MacDonald, Director; Neil DeCoff, Director; Ex–Officio Directors Mary Desmond, Municipality of Guysborough Councillor Dave Hanhams, Municipality of Guysborough Councillor

The Transit Association of Guysborough would like to thank our funder for helping us provide reliable, accessible and affordable transportation to our community.